The welfare of our swimmers at Welshpool Sharks is priority. We have policies and procedures to follow together with two Child Protection/Welfare Officers. Their contact details are on the noticeboard.

Child Protection Officers

Suzanne Davies and Ryan Sweetman


Other means of seeking help and reporting abuse include:

  • NSPCC – 0800 800 5000
  • Childline – 0800 1111
  • Swimline – 0808 100 4001 / 0800 731 7466

Our Policies & Documents

Welshpool Sharks Swimming Club Affiliated to the Welsh Amateur Swimming Association (WASA)

Code of Conduct for Members

All Members will be expected to:

  • Participate for their own enjoyment, whilst making every effort to develop their swimming abilities.
  • Members should know and abide by all rules and laws of the sport at all times and always participate in good spirit
  • Give maximum effort and strive for the best possible performance during training and competition
  • Set a good example for others, particularly young members, by adopting an enthusiastic and positive approach
  • Show team spirit, making every effort to help and encourage other members during training and at competitions
  • Accept success or failure equally
  • Treat rival teams and competitors with respect and courtesy
  • Show respect to the Club and sport officials at all times and accept their decisions with good heart
  • Be punctual for all training and competitions and wear appropriate clothing
  • Represent Welshpool Sharks Swimming Club with pride
  • Take responsibility for their own actions whilst representing the Club
  • Members should not wear any jewellery during training nor at competitions
  • Never be tempted to use banned substances, (See The Prohibited List on the UK Anti Doping website)
  • Never use inappropriate, foul or abusive language to any Club member, competition official nor supporter

Discipline of Members:

Bad and unruly behaviour at training, either poolside, in changing rooms, or any other areas of the Leisure Centre, or at Galas when representing the Club, will not be tolerated. Action will be taken against members who misbehave as follows

  • The member will be verbally warned by Club officials that their behaviour is not acceptable and that it must stop
  • If the member persists with their bad behaviour then their parents/ guardians will be informed by Club officials
  • If the member misbehaves for a third time, they will be removed from the training session or gala and their parents/guardians advised of this action
  • A 4th instance of misbehaviour will lead to a meeting being arranged between the member, the members parents/guardians or representatives and the Disciplinary Panel of the Club Committee following which the member maybe given a written warning, suspended or expelled from the Club, in accordance with the procedures set out in the Club’s Constitution.

The Club coaches and officials will be the sole arbiters of what constitutes misbehaviour. Serious incidents of misbehaviour will be referred to and dealt with immediately by the Disciplinary Panel of the Club Committee.