Please speak with our Head Coach Alan Webster or Membership Secretary about a suitable opportunity to have your swimmer assessed.  Simply turning up to a training session is not permitted, as the Head Coach and other assisting coaches will need to know the swimmers credentials in advance. Ratios and numbers of current swimmers also need to be taken into consideration. If the Head Coach / Swimmer / Parent all give / receive a positive outcome, then a blue card system will be put into place.  If s/he is of the required standard you will then need to speak with our Membership Secretary to see what sessions have spaces available. You’ll need to fill in a gathering information form and choose your designated training session. Please note that all standing orders need to be set up before your first swim session.

Blue Card System

This costs £10.  The swimmer will need to present this to poolside each training session in order to have it ‘punched’. Once four holes are present, the Swimmer / Head Coach / Parent may then wish to proceed in joining Welshpool Sharks. A standing order is then required as well as a Swim Wales membership affiliation number.  These four weeks are classed as a cooling off period.

Club Fees

We operate a monthly standing order payment system which runs for 12 months and includes holiday periods. Fees are as follows: 1hr Session per week = £14 per month 2hr Sessions per week = £22 per month 3hr Sessions per week = £30 per month Sessions are for 1 hour as follows: Mon: 7-8pm / Wed: 7-8pm & 8-9pm / Fri: 7-8pm

Swim Card 18+

A Swim Card is available for those aged 18yrs and over. It can be purchased for £20 (5 sessions) direct from the Membership Secretary or by prior arrangement with a coach on poolside. The card must be presented each time you wish to swim and will be punched and entered on the register.

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cease your membership or alter your sessions, you need to give 1 months notice to cancel/amend your standing order so that the place can be reallocated as quickly as possible and monthly registers can be updated.

Swim Wales Membership

In addition to the Club’s monthly fees all swimmers are required to be active members of Swim Wales. Swim Wales fees for the membership year commencing 1st April will be:

CAT 1: Swimmer Under 10yrs = £32

CAT 2: Swimmer 10yrs+ = £34

CAT 3: Non-Swimmer (volunteers/parent helpers) = £22

CAT 4: Swimmer Over 70yrs = £30

CAT 5: Non-Swimmer Over 70yrs = £22